Digital Illustrations by Artem Rhad Cheboha

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Nayo Takeno Kaguya-Hime shall be her name.

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ぎゅいーん by ネズ

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Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been a little quiet over here at MH-HQ. I’ve been wrapping up a picture book, doing some work for animation, and now getting ready for ICON8 next week! I’m part of the Roadshow so it’s been a portfolio building flurry of fun.

Anyway, yesterday was my birthday and something I’d like to get back in the habit of is to give you guys a free present to celebrate. So: I whipped up some cute bookplates in a summertime palette! I love books and I love tiny things so it’s a match made in heaven. I’m going to sell them at the Roadshow (they’ll be decals!), but in case you’d like to get in on the fun at home, here’s a PDF you can print off and enjoy! Just trim on the lines (trim off the purple part too!) and paste into your favorite books.

Take a picture and send me a shot of your books (I’m @meghunt on Twitter and @meghuntillo on Instagram!) I want to know what you’re reading and it’s always fun to see this stuff in the wild.

Happy summer!

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Some warmup landscapes.

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I like how this turned out! I don’t know if I have a style or not I just draw something every once in a while. This is based on some cool clothing I saw online. 

Please don’t reupload

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